Leif Olofsson, Chief Designer and Founder, Marten:
”The unique design of our level 3 room from SMT gives me a huge advantage when I design and demo my loudspeakers. The room adds nothing to the performance so the only things I hear are the recording and the system/loudspeaker. Because of this it's much easier to hear any resonances/distortion that's in the system in itself and it helps enormously in the process of development.”

Great recording facilities! The room gives the vibraphone a very natural and full sound that brings something extra into the recording process. You have really succeeded in creating a great sound, including both a good low register and as well as a high register, allowing me to play very dynamically. I have had the opportunity to record solo as well as with bass and drums, and the room works very well in both situations. Thanks for putting you skill into these great facilities.

Peer Astrom First call mixer (Madonna,Celine Dion,Enrique Iglesias,Miley Cyrus,Kelly Clarkson,Cyndi Lauper,Josh Groban, Glee etc)
Matts! Thank you for your help! With Your knowledge and products, You managed to exceed my very high demands. With a less then ideal celing height to start with, the room stil plays straight from 20khz down to a shattering 20hz! And the amount of detail and resolution in the sound is mindblowing. By far the best room I've ever worked in!
Thank you!

Tor Forberg, Classical Bassist Audio Concepts level 3
“I become one with the instrument when I play in this room, hearing details I never experienced before. The room has no impact on the sound, no coloration, and delivers the full instrument ambience and timbre full of details."

Mike Chaufee Sound Designer for the large 5.1 Playback System for the Audio Engineering Society’s 123rd. Convention in New York City.
Sound Experience level 3 room essentially disappear. They are so balanced in frequency and time, that it is now possible to optimize equipment and positioning parameters to get closer than ever to the holy grail of unquestioned accuracy. One of Mikes Chaufee references : Sound Designer for the large 5.1 Playback System for the Audio Engineering Society’s 123rd. Convention in New York City.

Stereo level 3 room member of Whatsbestforum World premiere for "All in with Wings and Varitunes"
How does it sound? Even before fine tuning of Q1 position and upstream components, fantastic.

SMT managed to transform my miniscule closet with a floor space of 7.5 square meter into a high quality studio and listening space. They collaborate with professional carpenters who have a great deal of experience with acoustics in order to achieve the required changes. It doesn't just sound great now, the panels and installation looks fantastic!
I highly recommend SMT.

Christian Edgren mix engineer at Traxton Recording, Stockholm
This is so cool and amazing! In my world the new Wing technology has become a revolution!
My room is only 6.5 square meter, but I have no problem at all with reflections and the definition´s very exact.
Now mixing is fun.